Unipay.to/ - The Fastest Way to Transfer Money Online

Unipay.to/ is a service provided by UniPAY since 2014 and is more than comfortable, where .to/ link is a unique personal page can be sent to anyone for receiving money in the wallet. It goes with VISA, MasterCard, AMEX , Cryptowallets and certainly, not the least, UniPAY wallet.


How Does It Work:

Enter unipay.to/, choose the desired username and get personal unipay.to/ link, send it to anyone to receive money. To be more precise: for instance, let’s take unipay.to/JohnDoe. Send this to anyone, anywhere and what’s more important – this is instant. There is no need for sender to own an UniPAY wallet.

The self-employed people must find this service useful. Taxi drivers, who registers on UniPAY wallet and gets unipay.to/ personal link, can easily receive payments from customers. It will work the same way for freelancers, couriers, plumbers and etc. User can activate the service once all the verification stages are completed.

The link can be sent easily to a friend via Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Instant Messaging and etc. Sending the money is easy as well – type the desired amount money to send, choose payment method, push the send button and Voila! Money is transferred! The service is active 24/7 and any amount of money can be transferred to any bank account once you receive the money in UniPAY eWallet.


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