Tasma.ge - Colorful Shoelaces for Colorful People

E-commerce is getting more and more popular in Georgia. UniPAY was always in the spotlight of the e-commerce development in our country, empowering the new merchants and startups and encouraging to establish their online niche. We have decided to tell you a story about our business partners and merchants, who found their online payment integration success via UniPAY Checkout. One of the most colorful company – Tasma is creating the most fascinating shoelaces on the Georgian online stores. Khvicha Jghutasvili is sharing their story.

Q: What was the main idea behind Tasma?

Tasma.ge is the original and colorful shoelaces company, which was created for the people who love freedom and self-expression, whose interests and mood are reflected in their appearance. We always wanted to create the brand, which would be an additional value to the people. Hence, the production should be available to anyone via online channels with the reasonable price. Considering all of this, we started to work on the product we have today. Though it is only a start and we look forward to develop our brand and we will take all the chances to do.

Q: Is there a high demand of your production on the market?

Yes, there is definitely a high demand of our product on the online market. Considering the fact, that it was out first collection, the communication with our customers was more humble as we were observing and searching for the results. The sales are satisfying at the moment. The reason is simple: modern human being is in search of different accessories, which will give him or her the chance to express themselves. Tasma is responsive to this engagement, which guarantees the inclusion of the customers.

Q: What was the main challenge during the online payments integration?

The main challenge we had was the less bureaucracy, simple interface and user-friendly page – for us and for the customers indeed.

Q: Are you planning to add more designs and concepts to your product and shall we expect more, different types of production?

We are planning to launch the autumn collection soon. The main direction will be seasonal concept. We have two direction at the moment and we are working on launching new sales channels and creating the new concept stores as well. We will share the novelties via our social media channels.

Q: What’s your suggestion for the newbie merchants and startups?

A new merchant should be in the right place at the right moment – working with the UniPAY module will be very comfortable for them! Startuppers, get a good sleep, you will need a plenty of energy later! To be more serious – they should incorporate and work with the companies, which would take you as “serious” as they take the bigger companies.


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