Getting plenty of prizes with a simple payment – Priceless!

Starting from the October 8, Mastercard and UniPAY started the joint promotion to raise online payments number paying via Mastercard, attached to the Georgian E-Wallet – “Getting plenty of prizes with a simple payment – Priceless.” The promo will run from October 8, till November 18 and will have 2 phase: the winner will be announced in the end of the week and will choose the desired prize:

  1. Spotify Premium – 1 month
  2. iTunes $10 gift card
  3. $10 on Steam Balance
  4. 20 GEL Cashback

Every Monday on 00:00 local time the promotion will be set to the new start. Participants, who win the weekly prize, will be dropped out from the following weekly contests, but continue participating for the main prize.

The Second phase is the pursuit for main prizes and depends on the quantity of the transactions made by users during the whole promotion. Obviously, the one who will have the most transactions, will be awarded with:

  1. 1st place – 5000 Gel
  2. 2nd place – 3000 Gel
  3. 3rd place – 1500 Gel

The rules are simple: the campaign participants, who will make the most transactions with the Mastercard attached to the UniPAY wallet, will be the winners. Weekly winner can choose the weekly prizes only 1 time during the promotion, but continues participating for the main prizes.

There are several ways to obtain the placec in the charts of the transactions:

  • It is counted if you transfer min. 1 Lari to the wallet from the attached mastercard.
  • Top up the mobile phone balance
  • Transfer the Casino balance in the wallet
  • Buy the Lotto tickets, who knows where the fortune takes you?
  • Top up your Steam or Xsolla account
  • Purchase the desired Gift Card: PlayStation, Xbox, Google Play, iTunes.. You name it – we have it!
  • Transfer money just in seconds via
  • In case you want to purchase something with our partner companies or merchants, choose UniPAY at the checkout and set your payment to the mastercard attached to the e-wallet.
  • If you do not want to buy anything, just top up your e-wallet from the mastercard – ot os counted as the transaction
  • If you travel via train oftenly or only one time – go at and get the ticket to the desired destination!
  • You can buy a movie tickets as well – and you are there!
  • If you own a website and pay the price, do it via
  • Do you love music? Get your premium music at and pay!


Choose the variant you like, acquire the most amount of the transactions and get a chance to win the awesome prizes by buying your favorite stuff only!

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